Among the different types of natural stones that you can find in Mediterranea Stone, there are the wonderful Limestones (calcareous rocks) and Sandstones.

Limestone and sandstone are two types of sedimentary rocks. Limestone, which is predominantly light, off-white or grey in colour, originates from the warm, shallow seas of tropical regions, and is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, as well as other carbonates. Sandstone, which is characterised by its honey colour, is a type of limestone, whose composition is made up of quartz sand, the grains of which are bound together by cement that gives it greater or lesser hardness.

These precious stones are particularly popular for exterior cladding works, as they are rocks that stand out for their porosity, and fulfil their function very well in exterior cladding, as they are natural stones that are characterised by their anti-slip properties.




Limestones and sandstones are ideal for decorating the exterior facades of luxurious stone buildings, giving a modern and elegant touch to the home. They are also ideal for terrace walls and even for covering the floor of swimming pools with limestone or sandstone slabs, as these stones are very insulating rocks, which do not burn to the touch, and which balance the level of adherence to the ground, whether dry or wet.

For this reason, the use of limestones and sandstones is usually chosen, mainly for exterior cladding because of the great advantage that these rocks do not produce puddles, and evaporate the absorbed water very well, due to their open porosity.

However, these calcareous rocks are also highly desirable for covering interior spaces with stone, giving a modern touch to the spaces where they are laid, combining interior and exterior environments with these same limestone and sandstone rocks. More and more of the greats in the world of decoration are choosing these rocks to clad interiors in limestone or sandstone, opting to decorate a wall of the work, with these materials, giving a modern air to it.

The great majority of the works that include sandstone and limestone rocks in their decoration, do it by mixing decoration of these stones in interiors and exteriors.


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The limestones and sandstones that you will be able to find for sale, are:


Natural stone of fine texture, which predominates by the colour of the warm white stone, as well as by some grey shades, together with the light and magical presence, of diverse and precious fossils that enhance its natural beauty.


With a strong character, it is defined by the honey colour of the stone, as well as by its porous texture, characteristics that make this natural stone stand out for its exquisite warmth, which evokes calm and beauty.

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