The travertine is a porous stone, composed of calcite, aragonite and limonite, which is characterised by its great hardness and for being a natural material very easy to maintain, so if travertine marble is included in a home, its durability is guaranteed for many years. The characteristics of travertine marble make it a great option for covering a home with natural and elegant materials.

It is resistant, versatile, and with a natural beauty that allows this type of marble, which is travertine, to be used both in interior works, (either with travertine floor covering, or with spectacular travertine stairs), and in exterior projects, (designing spectacular travertine marble facades, placing travertine marble tiles in exterior spaces, covering swimming pools with travertine, etc).



The most common travertine stone has been the Roman travertine par excellence, since most of the monuments and churches of ancient Rome were built with it. However, there are many kinds of travertine, each one more beautiful and impressive, to cover any home, giving it the touch of elegance that any work is looking for.

In Mediterranea Stone we sell the most special and dazzling travertine marbles, travertines of different textures and colours, with which, stunning works are created. The travertines that you can find for sale in our company are the following:


His type of travertine is one of the most extraordinary and prodigious travertines, with which incredible sensations will be created wherever this material is placed, due to the harmony that its colours transmits. This precious travertine, combines oak colours with the presence of striking white veins, with which it gives body and movement to this powerful natural material.


Another of the spectacular travertines that is for sale in our company, is the precious Travertine Savannah. This travertine is a natural stone that is identified by the harmony of its smooth and elegant honey colour, as well as by the sinuosity of its veins. The softness of the colour of Savannah Travertine makes this precious stone the perfect choice for all projects that are looking for design and quality.


Travertine stone, characterised by its veined appearance and homogeneous structure, is a natural material that can be exposed in various forms, depending on the use or application that you want to give it. The finishes of travertine can range from polished (which is the most characteristic finish), to the rough finish of the stone itself in its natural state, through finishes such as sandblasted, bush-hammered, aged or honed.


As travertine is a natural material of great beauty, resistant and easy to maintain, it is the perfect choice in terms of natural stone, to buy and cover any project with travertine marble. Likewise, given the different finishes that can be achieved with travertine marble, this precious stone is an ideal natural material for both indoor and outdoor cladding.

Increasingly, the big names in the world of design and decoration are deciding to combine travertine in the same project, both for the exterior cladding of a building, as well as for the interior decoration of the same, following a modern and natural line of decoration at the same time. In this way, spectacular works are created, characterised by the elegance and natural beauty that travertine provides.