Among the various natural materials that we can use cladding a building, we have the natural material called granite, as one of the best options for both interiors and exteriors. In interiors, especially for kitchen cladding, whether to make the islands with this type of natural material, as well as for countertops and front walls. Nowadays, there is very modern and elegant granite for cladding granite countertops and benches, with the advantage that it is a very resistant material and lasts a long time, with minimal maintenance. If you have  in mind outdoor spaces, this natural material is widely used in facades and garden areas, as granite is a stone which, due to its quartz-based composition, a very resistant material, it withstands temperature changes perfectly, and these qualities of granite mean that it has an immense guarantee and durability. 



However, it should be noted that not all types of granite transmit that modern, elegant and chic touch. For this reason, in Mediterranea Stone we work with the most attractive and special granites, being these the most requested for cladding in exterior areas or in interior areas, especially in kitchens to clad the most special worktops and islands.


One of the most exclusive and desired granites is the Blue granite. In our company, Mediterranea Stone, you will find this type of granite for sale, ideal for covering the most delicate indoors and outdoors areas of a building.


Black Zimbabwe granite, is another of the marvellous granites that our company, Mediterranea Stone, has at its disposal.


For some time now, there has been a great tendency to design large kitchens in which both the people who cook and their families and guests can be, since, for some years now, it has become one of the most important spaces in the home.

In this way, kitchens are clad with the most striking granites and marbles, which give that touch of exclusivity that any home desires. The latest trend in granite worktops is to cover them with modern, striking and exclusive granites, such as the granites we have in our company, which move away from the classic granites, renewing and rejuvenating any kitchen.

These different types of granites are used for all types of kitchens, in any colour, whether in the same tone as these granites, or in white kitchens in which these precious granites of intense colour will make an impact.


The uses that can be given to granite are diverse, and it is perfectly suitable for exterior areas of the works, as well as for interior areas. It can be used to lay granite floors, to design modern granite staircases, toilets, facades and landscaped areas with granite…

However, one of the most requested uses of granite in indoor areas is for use in kitchen countertops and islands, as granite is a natural rock that has a huge strength, which prevents staining or aging of this natural material, so it has a very long life, being these properties of granite very beneficial when selecting the natural material to be placed in the kitchen, because you can cook, without having to worry especially about the maintenance of this material. For this reason, granite is one of the natural materials that is most used to cover countertops and fronts of the kitchens of homes, where the cook and companions can enjoy a snack without thinking about the problems that could give another natural material other than granite. Therefore, regarding the interior spaces, the use of granite in a kitchen is very beneficial, as it is a very hard natural stone and very resistant to impacts, so it will be the ideal natural material for a good resistance of your kitchen and an easier maintenance.