Onyx Zora


Discover the spectacular Zora onyx in Mediterranea Stone

Among our magnificent onyx stock, at Mediterranea Stone you can also find the enthralling Zora Onyx . This type of onyx is represented by the potential liveliness of its striking colors, as well as by the delicate dynamism and movement that this onyx transmits. With this you can get beauty and perfection in every place where this precious exotic stone is placed.

The Zora Onyx , is the onyx par excellence with which you can count on to design the most surprising and amazing place. This specific type of onyx is the ideal material to emphasise the brightness of its qualities, through a boost of luminosity with artificial light. This luminosity is the one in charge of running through pore by pore of this exotic stone in a delicately and gently way, what create a prodigious effect, thanks to the exciting Zora Onyx..

Therefore, this kind of onyx is perfect for creating the most unique and chic spaces. This will stand out for the originality and elegance of these incredible places, promoting unique and exclusive designs due to Zora Onyx.

The Zora Onyx  enhances the character of the most amazing and bright areas, adapting this type of onyx to the most incredible designs, with which the Zora Onyx  is destined to distinguish itself for its class and beauty. Thanks to Zora Onyx you can achieve magical transformations to give fantasy to places that have this spectacular exotic stone.

“Nature turns whimsical to create this sinuous colours and texture that form the Zora Onyx.


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