Statuario marble


Statuario marble

Majestic and exclusive: Statuario marble in luxury projects

In our company Mediterranea Stone we are committed to the most exotic and exclusive natural materials on the market. One of our star marbles is the spectacular Statuario marble. This precious natural material is classified among the most select marbles, being valued this spectacular natural stone for its extreme power and luxury.

Discover the beauty of the Statuario marble in Mediterranea Stone

The composition of this precious natural stone is based on a spectacular white background, together with beautiful grey veins, forming a powerful pattern that captivates every eye.

The Statuario marble can only be used in a project if this space is intended to convey luxury and splendour. Its availability on the market is limited compared to the Carrara White marbles. For this reason, this precious natural material is highly demanded by the most spectacular professionals in the world of decoration and architecture, to categorise their luxury and exclusivity projects.

Statuario marble: Luxury and splendour in your design projects.

Within the range of white marbles available in the market, the Statuario marble is the exact natural material to give majesty to the space where you intend to place it, either to cover Statuario marble walls, floors… and even spectacular furniture items covered with our Statuario marble, the Statuario marble at the most competitive price in the market.

“If you are looking to create a project with great luxury and power, include Statuario marble in that place.”

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