Onyx Gold


Luxury and exclusivity in your decoration projects with Gold onyx

Another incredible type of onyx that we have in our company, is the majestic Onyx Gold. This spectacular onyx is a striking natural stone characterized by its translucent white background and its moving grains that at times simulate power. Thanks to that Onyx Gold seems to come to life. The Onyx Gold qualities jut out the strength and attractive nature of this type of onyx.

The privileged features that reveal this onyx, make the Onyx Gold one of the most desired exotic and natural materials to cause a good sensation in many places. This type of onyx has as main objective to enhance glamour and seduction, as well as naturalness in each space that has the presence of this precious onyx. We can not forget that the powerful character and strength of this onyx can promote incredible dimensions of the place where the extraordinary Onyx Gold is located.

In this way, this kind of onyx is the perfect natural material to create the most amazing and impressive places that you can imagine. You can create works that impress with the high luxury and power that this type of onyx transmits, being the Onyx Gold a source of inspiration for the most select and talented decorators and architects.

“Choosing Onyx Gold, is to break with the traditional aesthetics to decorate the most glamorous and impressive places, where it will be inevitable to attract the most singular glances. These glances will be forced to observe and admire the precious Onyx Gold.”


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