Marble White Panda


Elegance and charm with the Panda White marble in your spaces 

Another impressive type of marble that we have in our company Mediterranea Stone, is the incredible Panda White marble. This is one of the most demanded materials on the market.

This wonderful natural stone is characterized by having majestic black veins on a pure white background that make the perfect combination to decorate and highlight any quality project.

Panda White marble is a very attractive type of marble, which stands out wherever it is placed. It is ideal for covering works with great elegance and luxury, in which the quality of the materials that compose it, can be seen at a glance.

The designs that include this type of material are very innovative and modern, however, the Panda White fits perfectly in any type of decoration, from modern spaces to classic spaces, due to the magnificent character and the majesty that this precious natural stone detaches.

Panda White marble is chosen by the big brands to decorate their incredible boutiques, such as the unmistakable Dolce & Gabbana boutique in London, which is the clear example of luxury and personality with the Panda White floor. This is a clear example that the touch of elegance and personality in any project, goes hand in hand with the quality of the materials that we incorporate in them.

“Covering a space with Panda White achieves the results you are looking for. Giving such a chic and elegant design, you will get all attentiongrabbers”.

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