Green Agate


Luxury and exclusivity in your design projects

Mediterranea Stone is committed to luxury and exclusivity in its natural materials. For this reason, our company incorporates the so demanded and exclusive green agate within the wide stock of natural stones. 

Discover the spectacular green agate in Mediterranea Stone

This precious green agate stone is all that is needed in terms of materials to cover with luxury, calm and well-being any space where you want to install this precious green stone.

Properties and beauty of green agate: The protagonist stone in your spaces

Designers create unique and exclusive spaces with this natural material, being the agate the protagonist piece in their projects. In addition, there are infinite wonderful properties that this precious stone transmits, transmitting calm, harmony and good energy, without forgetting the great value and beauty that it will bring to any place where it is placed.

Spiritual significance and magical properties of green agate

As a curiosity, we must point out that green agate has magical properties, as this precious green stone has a spiritual meaning. Agate acts on the heart chakra, promoting love, sincerity, kindness and tenderness. These fabulous properties of green agate make it one of the sweetest and most loved natural materials to incorporate into the most flirtatious and desirable projects.

“To cause tenderness and delicacy in the space you want to renovate, the best choice is undoubtedly the precious green agate”.

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