The natural stone for exclusive projects is Black Zimbabwe granite

Black Zimbabwe granite, is another of the marvellous granites that our company, Mediterranea Stone, has at its disposal.

The reason why this type of granite is so much in demand when it comes to covering exclusive and majestic works, is because the black Zimbabwe granite is not the typical classic and rustic granite, which we have always seen, indoors and outdoors. This type of black granite, resembles the natural material that every type of public wants to have, that is to say, a spectacular marble, in this case in black zimbawe, which will give the touch of luxury and elegance to any work.

Being the Black Zimbabwe granite, within the category of natural material “granite”, has many beneficial characteristics when it comes to coating any space in the house, in interiors, especially in kitchens. The reason is that granite is a firm and very resistant natural material. It is a very hard stone, so it will be the ideal natural material for a good resistance of your kitchen and for an easier maintenance than any other material, either by placing the countertop, bench, island, and even the kitchen floor in granite Black Zimbabwe matt effect, or in anticato finish with this exclusive zimbabwe granite.

Regarding outdoor areas, this type of granite is ideal for cladding all types of spaces such as facades, landscaped areas, even parks and public floors. This is due to the qualities of this natural material. As granite is a stone composed of quartz, it is very resistant, and withstands temperature changes perfectly, and due to these qualities, granite has a guarantee and immense durability. 

We must highlight the great demand that, over time, has been increasing this type of granite Black Zimbabwe. It is in great demand to give this precious natural material various finishing effects. One of the most exclusive, is the anticato finish, which is a surprising granite finish and very desired by the greats of the world of decoration. This type is in great demand for the most select and exclusive places, as the anticato finish is a rough and irregular finish, which forms a relief and a rough texture of the most chic and exclusive in terms of materials to incorporate in any work.

There are other types of finishes such as polished, leather or satin, which make the Zimbawe Black granite, the gloss, or the much desired matt effect, to cover a matt black countertop.

There is a very recent trend that is has come to stay, which is the use of natural stones laid in a herringbone pattern for floor coverings, giving that chic and modern touch that every building needs.

“Anyone who installs Negro Zimbabwe granite in their home will be sure to be right, both aesthetically, as it is a very beautiful and luxurious natural material, and in terms of resistance and maintenance of this natural material, as it is a very hard and persistent stone that is easy to maintain”.


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