Veneziano Nero Granite


Luxury and exclusivity in your decoration projects with Veneziano Nero granite

Another black coloured material that we have available in Mediterranea Stone is the spectacular black granite “Veneziano Nero”.

The reason why this type of granite is so much in demand when it comes to covering exclusive and majestic works, is because the Veneziano Nero granite is not the typical classic and rustic black granite, which we have always seen, indoors and outdoors. This type of black granite, resembles the natural material that every type of public wants to have, that is to say, a spectacular marble, in this case in black, which will give the touch of luxury and elegance to any work.

Being the Veneziano Nero granite, within the category of natural material “granite”, has many beneficial characteristics when it comes to coating any space in the house, in interiors, especially in kitchens. The reason is that granite is a firm and very resistant natural material. It is a very hard stone, so it will be the ideal natural material for a good resistance of your kitchen and for an easier maintenance than any other material, either by placing the countertop, bench, island, and even the kitchen floor in granite Veneziano Nero.

If you have  in mind outdoor spaces, this natural material is widely used in facades and garden areas, as granite is a stone which, due to its quartz-based composition, a very resistant material, it withstands temperature changes perfectly, and these qualities of granite mean that it has an immense guarantee and durability.

“Your best project you will create with the precious Veneziano Nero granite”.


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