Travertino Savannah


Luxury and exclusivity in your decoration projects with the Savannah travertine

Another spectacular travertine our company owns , is the precious Savannah Travertine. This is a natural stone identified by the harmony of its soft and elegant colour, as well as by the sinuousness of its veins, and the resistance that this precious travertine provides. It is important to add that this is one of the natural materials that possess more strength and purity.

The resistance of the Travertine Savannah is due to the composition of this beautiful material, as it is a sedimentary rock formed by deposits of calcite in the splendid springs and hot springs. It is a natural material with homogeneous structure, which can be used in raw, pumiced, aged, hammered, sandblasted and polished, qualities that make Travertine Savannah an ideal natural stone for interior and exterior spaces.

The softness of the colour that the Travertino Savannah has, makes this precious stone the perfect choice for all projects that are looking for design and quality. Travertino Savannah is able to incorporate in all decoration styles, from the most modern style to the most classic one.

Travertino Savannah is chosen by many projects that want to provide glamour and fashion to their outdoor spaces, as it is a beautiful and resistant natural material. With Travertino Savannah you can create majestic works, in which an outdoor space with an stylish design is developed in connection with the most precious and desired nature.

“The aim of the elegant and select Travertine Savannah is to create distinction and exclusivity in every majestic work.”


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