Green Quartzite


The natural stone for exclusive projects

A star product that we have available in our company Mediterranea Stone, is the striking Green quartzite, at the most competitive price in the market. 

Discover the authentic Green quartzite from Brazil

The Green quartzite of our company, is the original one, coming from Brazil. Green quartzite is a very loved and desired type of green marble, being the ideal natural material to stand out in any space. This marble has de possibility to be incorporated in classic decorations and in modern environments. The great architects and interior decorators want to differentiate their works from the rest and they get it by including the much desired Green quartzite in their majestic projects and designs.

A versatile and decorative natural stone

This beautiful natural stone is a Green quartzite. This natural material has a spectacular design, which is why the big names in the world of decoration are impatient to find quality green quartzite to create unique spaces.
This precious stone, Green quartzite is an exclusive material very selected to incorporate in fireplaces, murals, countertops, as well as for indoor and outdoor floor coverings. Green quartzite is a wonderful natural product that reduces and balances the atmosphere of the space where it is placed, bringing warmth, luxury and exclusivity to the place, as well as being very decorative.

Green quartzite: Luxury and exclusivity in your decoration projects

“The most spectacular spaces that you will create will be covered with the spectacular Green quartzite”.

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