Green India


Green India: Luxury green marble for your design projects

Mediterranea Stone incorporates within its stock of natural stones a beautiful line of green marbles in light and dark tones that will fill any place with positive and energetic breezes. Within our wonderful range of green marbles, you will be able to find the Green India marble in our company.

Green Indian marble: Harmony and elegance in your spaces

From the Green Indian marble, we must highlight the harmony that nature itself creates with this precious natural stone, as it is a dark green and light green marble with a lot of character and strength, but at the same time, with a lot of harmony and calmness due to the very nice and sweet composition of this green marble.

World reference in green marbles: Green India marble

The Green India marble is considered a world reference in green marbles, being chosen by the great names in the world of design and decoration to decorate their majestic works of art, where the Green Indian marble will highlight and impregnate with luxury and elegance those rooms.

Glamour and harmony in your spaces: The charm of green marble

It is an ideal natural material to be placed in specific interior spaces that want to be highlighted, giving that touch of personality that the Italian green marble has with its light and dark green colour ranges, predominating and enhancing the glamour and harmony of the place where this stone is placed.

“If you want to highlight your favourite corner, the Green India marble is the perfect stone to place”.

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